AuthMethod For Non-Browser Environments

A couple of weeks ago, I was using this method to authenticate with Fireblocks and it worked:

    const authProvider = new EthereumAuthProvider(eip1193Provider, accounts[0])
    const session = await DIDSession.authorize(authProvider, { resources: [ process.env.BUILDING_COMPOSITE_ID ], 'domain': process.env.CERAMIC_ORIGIN })
    this.ceramic.did = session.did

Recently, I’ve been getting this error when trying to create a new TileDocument:
Capability does not have appropriate permissions to update this Stream

So, I updated my packages and found DIDSession now accepts authMethod instead of authProvider. I saw in their example here(did-session - npm) that they are getting the authMethod from ‘@didtools/pkh-ethereum’. However, when I try to use this, I’m getting this error:
Web Auth method requires browser environment

Is there an alternative to pkh-ethereum that I should use for non-browser environments?

Seems similar to Create DID Session in node with ethers?
@zfer can you take a look?

you can use EthereumNodeAuth similar to EthereumWebAuth except that it requires an appName/domain argument.

import { EthereumNodeAuth, getAccountId } from '@didtools/pkh-ethereum'

more docs on authmethods are coming shortly

not sure why have got the original error though, prior did-session versions will still work