Ceramic Roadmap Update 04/04/2024

Hello @everyone! With the new quarter rolling in, it’s time for us to share another roadmap overview with you all.

Over the past few months the core Ceramic team have been working on a number of new features for ComposeDB, as well as implementing performance improvements for Ceramic server, and preparing for the official launch of Data Feed API. :star_struck: We are excited to share with you what’s currently being worked on and what’s next on the horizon for Ceramic.

We extremely value your feedback and input on project prioritization, so make sure to share your thoughts with us directly on the public Ceramic roadmap or in this forum thread.

You can find the Ceramic roadmap here.

:white_check_mark: Recently Delivered

Over the past few months, we focused on delivering a few new features for ComposeDB, improving the Ceramic network scalability and adding support for custom indexing. Here’s the summary of what has been delivered:

  • Data Feed API Alpha - a new set of Ceramic APIs that will enable developers to build their own custom database and indexing solutions, such as a ComposeDB alternative, on top of Ceramic’s stream APIs.
  • SET account relation - new account relations which will enable modeling data that should only be able to happen once per account for a given identifier, which could be a single field like date of birth, multiple fields like company and start date, or a relation to another document, like a product.
  • Support Verifiable Credentials natively - a set of features that allow developers to access verifiable versions of their data streams (to resolve the state of data at some particular point in time).

:man_biking: Current Priorities

At the moment, the team is focused on the following projects:

  • Improve scalability using Ceramic’s Recon protocol - the team is getting close to the final release of Ceramic’s Recon protocol. It’s a new Ceramic networking protocol that improves network scalability and data syncing efficiency.
  • Ceramic Data Feed API GA - Resumability & Production Readiness formalizes the underlying Ceramic event streaming protocol and allows developers to build data(base) products using raw event streams. We will rebuild ComposeDB to make use of this new API, effectively unbundling and separating the Ceramic node and ComposeDB node. This milestone will mark the public launch of the Data Feed API.
  • Supporting Points natively - a lightweight example code and tools that developers can easily use to write points to Ceramic

:telescope: What’s next?

In the future, we are going to put our resources into the following areas:

  • Ceramic Access Control - we are planning to add an ability to control who can read or write certain data.
  • keramik simulation API for CI/CD - Keramik is our simulation engine. We intend to expose this externally. Simulations should be easy to run, review/compare, and capture as much information as possible. No knowledge of kubernetes or keramik should be required to run a simulation and observe the results.
  • Support storing private data using encryptions - Support storing private data natively by using encryptions.
  • Circular relations - allowing models to reference themselves either directly or indirectly.

:loudspeaker: We Need Your Input!

We want to get your input and feedback on our roadmap and priorities. Do you think some projects that are currently in the “Backlog” should take higher priority? Do you have any feature requests? Do you completely disagree with some of the projects we have on the roadmap? Let us know! Here’s how to provide feedback on the public roadmap:

  • Upvote or downvote the projects using the :+1: and :-1: emojis, respectively.
  • Leave comments with feature requests and more detailed feedback under the relevant project cards.

Great roadmap! Excited for what’s coming ahead :slight_smile: would love to learn more about the native support for VCs since @charleslev has been talking about this with a bunch of teams

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data access control is huge!

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