Community Bounty RFP (Request for Proposal): Scaffold-Eth Ceramic Module

Hello Ceramic Fam! I hope everyone is having a productive January :slight_smile:

Who’s Heard of Scaffold-ETH?

Many builders in our community may already be familiar with Scaffold-ETH, but for those who aren’t, here’s a quick rundown. Scaffold-ETH (created by Austin Griffith) is a framework designed to help engineers understand how dApps work by providing a toolset to accelerate the development of decentralized applications using best practices and best-in-class open-source frameworks. For example, Scaffold-ETH familiarizes developers with frameworks like RainbowKit, Hardhat, and Wagmi, while also walking them through how to perform operations like deploying smart contracts, deploying your dApp, and more.

Scaffold-ETH 2 is the second iteration of this toolkit that expands coverage across additional frameworks that fit into various layers of the stack, in addition to other improvements.

Why This Matters to Ceramic

Scaffold-ETH provides a critical public good to teams and individual developers building decentralized products. This framework provides multiple services at once by teaching developers how to perform common operations prevalent in decentralized applications while simultaneously contextualizing how popular open-source tooling fits into the decentralized application development lifecycle.

How does Ceramic Fit In?

You’ll notice that Scaffold-ETH 2 is currently positioned to get developers up to speed in working with a decentralized app stack that focuses on on-chain data and transactions (deploying smart contracts, reading balances, subscribing to events, and so on). While this meets the needs of a segment of decentralized applications that focus on on-chain interactions, if you’re reading this forum post, you know first-hand that this omits a large segment of dApps built on with no or semi-on-chain decentralized rails (like Ceramic).

What’s the Opportunity?

We’re writing this post to prompt our community (you) to create proposals for a potential bounty we will create to integrate a Ceramic module into Scaffold-ETH 2. Here are some initial thoughts we’ve considered, but keep in mind that we’re looking to our community to expand on them + execute:

  • Position Ceramic as a decentralized storage option that can be used alongside the existing on-chain interactions in Scaffold-ETH 2
  • Potentially integrate this module into the “Recipes” section underneath the existing modules
  • Show users how to use a community tool like to create and deploy a model onto a hosted node
  • Integrate the node endpoint and hooks into their app to authenticate users on that node
  • Read and write data to and from that endpoint
  • The use case we could build this around could be as simple as a hello message board, or a developer profile concept

Keep in mind that these are just general early thoughts - we’re looking to you for more creativity!

Interested? Follow these Steps to Apply

If you’re interested in creating a proposal for the Ceramic + Scaffold-ETH 2 integration, please use our Grant Proposal Template to format your idea. We’re looking for the following:

  • Creativity on how to position Ceramic alongside the content already covered in Scaffold-ETH 2
  • Ideas related to storing/reading identity + reputation signals on Ceramic
  • Clear explanation of milestones + assets your work will produce
  • Anticipated timeline
  • Proposed bounty award amount

Finally - we will work with Austin Griffith from Scaffold-ETH to get this live once created, so this will not be a responsibility you will have to fulfill.

We will consider any proposals submitted by March 1st, 2024 - please respond directly in this thread


Here is my proposal