Create composite from a model

Hi, we are interested to create a stream from the model.

This explains how to create a composite from a stream, but the stream must be a ‘model’ stream (Your first composite | ComposeDB on Ceramic), not a tile stream.

This is the command line error we get if we try to create a stream using tile stream id

➜ composedb composite:from-model kjzl6cwe1jw14acgdg0j062u73g5e0k58y47id4wyos4iboeqwhdh7wycaf0fnh --output=nouns-proposal-test.json
✖ StreamID kjzl6cwe1jw14acgdg0j062u73g5e0k58y47id4wyos4iboeqwhdh7wycaf0fnh does not refer to a 'model' stream, but to a tile

(We got the tile id following docs Getting started with the CLI - Ceramic Developers)

We do have a model, just wondering how to get a stream id with it.