RFC: Verifiable Credentials on ComposeDB

Treat this guide and corresponding example application as an opinionated draft showing how to save Verifiable Credentials to ComposeDB (together with Veramo and Serto). Please let us know your thoughts by providing comments below - any feedback is welcome!


Many teams building on Ceramic are increasingly using Verifiable Credentials to support their need for verifiable claims across various contexts. We’ve observed an encouraging desire across these teams to collaborate on shared data models within ComposeDB to glean the benefits of data interoperability and composability.

(One) Solution

This RFC is meant to point readers to a new guide in our ComposeDB documentation:

Verifiable Credentials on ComposeDB

This page in its current state should be considered a draft, and one particular way to execute on how to treat VCs on ComposeDB.


This guide emphasizes the following features we hope to receive feedback on:

  • Using Serto as the schema registry
  • Using Veramo (Agent) to issue and verify VCs
  • Two distinct ComposeDB schema to store EIP712 and JWT VCs

This guide also makes use of interfaces on ComposeDB in order to make the “VerifiableCredential” class interoperable regardless of the proof implementations each instance uses


Please comment below. We hope to leverage your feedback to support the continued collaboration and discussion across teams building on Ceramic and using VCs.

Key topics we are looking for feedback on:

  • What platforms are you using for your VC schema registry? What are the trade-offs and considerations between using Serto and other options?
  • What VC libraries are favorites across teams building with VCs beyond Veramo? Are we using Veramo correctly?
  • How do our ComposeDB schema definitions for EIP712 and JWT VCs line up with the needs of teams building with VCs? Are we missing key elements? Do our field constraints make sense?

Please feel free to leave feedback unrelated to the categories described above - all topics are welcome!


This is awesome @mzk. I’m sure there are a lot of reputation related projects in the ecosystem that would be interested in leveraging VCs/attestations in their work.

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