About amount of data and TEE

I started to study your project and I like it more and more.
I have a few questions.

  1. Suppose I need to save a large amount of data through the locally installed Ceramic node. Is there any limit to the amount of data that can be downloaded? If so, what is it?
  2. What will be the data access speed compared to, for example, SQL or noSQL databases?
  3. what are your thoughts on confidential computing and support for TEE implementation in a Ceramic Network infrastructure?
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Hey @Evgeny. Great to hear you looking into using Ceramic! I will answer points 2 and 3 and will tag @dbcfd to jump in on the first one.

  1. We don’t have an exact number on this yet (should be able to provide these benchmarks soon), but a Ceramic node uses a Postgres DB for indexing so data access speeds should be pretty fast depending on the use case.
  2. We haven’t implemented native privacy yet - whether TEE or ZK. I am curious to hear more about your use case and the need for TEE specifically.
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For the first point, it depends on whether you are using composedb or ceramic.

For composedb, a single document is limited in size to 16mb. However there is no limit on how much data you pull or push through your own node.

For ceramic, there is no size limit on a stream, but streams are created in chunks of 256KB. If you want very large streams, you will need to keep adding chunks to create your full object.

Let me know if that answers your question.

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