Blog: Create User Sessions with WalletConnect's Web3Modal

Got Auth?

User authentication is a critical flow most teams building on Ceramic need to account for. There is also a ton of fantastic tooling in the Web3 ecosystem that makes this process easy for developers.

One of these toolsets you’ve probably used before is Web3Modal. We love the flexibility and delightful experience Web3Modal offers devs.

In the blog article below we walk through a simple interactive tutorial that shows how to leverage Web3Modal to create Ceramic user sessions.


Thanks for sharing @mzk. As always, great work with these tutorials!

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Thanks for this! What are your thoughts on social login and alternative signers?

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Hello @jhoang !

Do you mean login with oath + MPC to enable smart contract wallets (like web3auth)?

Yes, in addition to privy, dynamic, etc.

Hi! We released an article around social login + Ceramic if it helps Seamless onboarding for web3 social by Orbis — charles.useorbis.eth


Hello! Yes, this is what I was looking for. Thanks.

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great article! thx for sharing!

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