CACAO expired,Load stream fail

I get an error when I load stream

Error: HTTP request to '' failed with status '': {"error":"CACAO expired: Commit bagcqcerafnecomaw53dudwgtjk242va3fuvvyn2qigwrmq24s7wxhkq6glwq of Stream kjzl6cwe1jw146cptvrbjfs8lpez6cmn63dbusxl3p9zriideqc6dwnzu0qv7ql has a CACAO that expired at 1689042166. Loading the stream with 'sync: SyncOptions.ALWAYS_SYNC' will restore the stream to a usable state, by discarding the invalid commits (this means losing the data from those invalid writes!)"}

I load stream by following code

import { TileDocument } from "@ceramicnetwork/stream-tile";
TileDocument.load(client, url)

package version

"@ceramicnetwork/http-client": "^2.23.0",
"@ceramicnetwork/stream-tile": "^2.22.0",

I create stream by following code

import { TileDocument } from "@ceramicnetwork/stream-tile";
const conditionStream = await TileDocument.TileDocument.create(
      family: 'Karat Network',
      tags: ['condition'],

package versiion

    "@ceramicnetwork/http-client": "^2.21.0",
    "@ceramicnetwork/stream-tile": "^2.20.0",

Hello there!

Appreciate your question.

It looks like another community member had a similar question back in January: CACAO Error when running local node

In short, the CACAO errors happen when streams aren’t anchored successfully (which would happen if your node goes offline before the streams are successfully anchored by the Ceramic Anchor Service).

In the post above, Spencer also talks about using the SyncOptions.ALWAYS_SYNC (which is what you’re seeing in the error logs).

Can you verify which ceramic network your node is running?

Looking forward to helping you get this sorted out!

Thank you for your reply.

The node I am using is