Can i remove the data model which has been deployed?

As said , once data model was deployed , you can not deploy another with the same name.

There shouldn’t be anything preventing you from deploying a new model with the same name. If you’re seeing some kind of error, can you share it here?

hello spencer, here is the error showed to me:
glaze model:create chainfz
:heavy_multiplication_x: A model named chainfz already exists

@paul - question is about the old glaze data model system

Does that mean it will be all right if i update the glaze package?

The glaze model:* commands simply interact with a local datamodel registry created by the Glaze CLI. The error simply means you have already created a datamodel with this name in your local registry.

@paul what is the remediation step then? Can they remove the old model from the local registry to make room for a new one with the same name?

@spencer Thanks, that’s all right if i can remove the old model
@paul Is there any way to find local registry, or any docs about it i can read?

Another question, once the data model had been registered, does anyone can add a tile to the tiles of the data model ? I mean if it’s public to everyone?

Datamodels created by the Glaze CLI are only stored locally, if you want to share them you can export them to a JSON file and share this file.
Please refer to the CLI docs to see how to use the common commands: Deploying from JS - Ceramic Developers