Can not verify signature for commit at tutorial-getting-started-with-ceramic

I followed up Matthew Davis’ s super nice tutorial: Getting Started With Ceramic . I cloned the repo. Everything nice but I couldnt create a DID yet …

I got to sign with my wallet but then I get the error:

main.js:74 Error: HTTP request to '' failed with status '': {"error":"Can not verify signature for commit bagcqceraarbqg2iwjqnt6weuowmjfexoruwcuznrky6qgy7oxbc6bradnyrq: Signature does not belong to issuer"}
    at fetchJson (http-utils.js:25:15)
    at async Document.applyCommit (document.js:66:27)
    at async CeramicClient.applyCommit (ceramic-http-client.js:118:26)
    at async TileDocument.update (tile-document.js:130:25)
    at async DIDDataStore._getOwnIDXDoc (index.js:285:13)
    at async TileProxy.eval (index.js:296:84)
    at async TileProxy.get (proxy.js:84:67)
    at async DIDDataStore.getIndex (index.js:232:65)
    at async DIDDataStore.getRecordID (index.js:324:23)
    at async DIDDataStore.getRecordDocument (index.js:330:20)

I searched other related ansers in this forum like this one but did not help me resolve this issue.

Any ideas?