Cannot use GraphQLScalarType "CeramicCommitID" from another module or realm

I am working as a web 3.0 developer in and I intend to add composedb to I’m having a problem working on ComposeDB.

First of all, I created various models in the graphql models folder and created their composite json files. There is no problem in these parts. But when I try to start graphql server like “composedb graphql:server --graphiql definitions/definition.json”;

"Cannot use GraphQLScalarType “CeramicCommitID” from another module or realm.

Ensure that there is only one instance of “graphql” in the node_modules
directory. If different versions of “graphql” are the dependencies of other
relied on modules, use “resolutions” to ensure only one version is installed.

Duplicate “graphql” modules cannot be used at the same time since different
versions may have different capabilities and behavior. The data from one
version used in the function from another could produce confusing and
spurious results."

I am encountering the error. I tried to completely uninstall and reinstall many libraries and modules such as PNPM, Yarn, NPM.

My versions are as follows:
├── ceramicnetwork/3id-did-resolver2.7.0
├── ceramicnetwork/cli2.16.0
├── ceramicnetwork/http-client2.11.0
├── ceramicnetwork/stream-caip10-link2.9.0
├── ceramicnetwork/stream-tile2.10.0
├── composedb/cli0.3.1
├── glazed/cli0.2.2
├── glazed/tile-loader0.2.1
├── corepack0.15.2
├── dids3.4.0
├── graphql-tag2.12.6
├── graphql-tools8.3.14
├── graphql-yoga3.1.1
├── graphql14.6.0
├── key-did-resolver2.3.0
├── next13.0.6
├── npm9.2.0
├── pnpm7.18.1
├── sass1.56.2
└── yarn1.2.19

(I downgraded the GRAPHQL version, I already tried it in the last version, in 16.6.0.)

How can I solve this problem? I’ve tried the similar question’s answer on the forum "cannot-use-graphqlscalartype-string-from-another-module-or-realm on Oct6 ", but it didn’t fix.

I solved the problem. I deleted all global packages in PNPM, yarn, npm. I reinstalled graphiql from the beginning using only one package. My problem is solved.

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