Can't connect to

Hi, I’ve been using in order to query data, but lately it’s not working. Is there any public node URL I can use to access the network or a testnet?

Hey @cbruguera. Does it work if you use

@Justina does not work, a quick query for a tile using glaze fails with status: Internal Server Error

Curiously, started working today again… :man_shrugging:

After reaching production-ready state, are there any plans to run a public node like that but in a stable condition? I’m a bit concerned about the reliability of our application when in production since we plan on accessing the network from immutable code stored on IPFS (using Lit protocol).

Hey @cbruguera. I just wanted to clarify - we are moving away from running public Ceramic nodes. If you are building on Ceramic, you should run your own node which will then use the endpoint I mentioned earlier for encoring the commits on the testnet. Running your won node is required for prod-grade apps. If you don’t want to run your own node, you can use a hosted service like (a project created by one of our community members).

@Justina I’ll keep that into consideration. Thanks for the reply!