Can't install @ceramicnetwork/cli - Solved

I tried installing @ceramicnetwork/cli but I’m getting an error related to node-pre-gyp. I have it installed but it keeps giving me this error. I’m running node 16. Also tried downgrading to node 14 but it then returns go-ipfs is unavailable:

go-ipfs@0.12.2 postinstall /opt/homebrew/lib/node_modules/@ceramicnetwork/cli/node_modules/go-ipfs
node src/post-install.js
Error: Version 'v0.12.2' not available

Only version 0.8.0 seems to be available when running node 14 with npm v6

Got it working. I had to upgrade to npm 8 (8.11). I’m running latest node LTS version (16.16.0). I could then install ceramic and glaze with npm install @ceramicnetwork/cli @glazed/cli -g