Ceramic and IDX and DID NFT


This webinar helped me to start generating a lot of ideas and begin moving a project forward in an innovative way.

Then I read the blog post on Key Revocation in Self Certifying Protocols and it led me to more questions and ideas to consider.

“So how can we timestamp these events without putting them through the expensive logical centralization of a blockchain?”

Isn’t it possible to use Hedera Consensus Service or Token Service to anchor events with stateproofs and timestamps in a less expensive way? Encrypted or unencrypted NFTs or messages on Hedera Hashgraph could point to data stored encrypted or unencrypted on Ceramic Network, or vice versa?

I am building for an enterprise usecase and pilot project, balancing privacy requirements with other requirements for interoperability, composability, traceability and auditability.

Thank you,

I can’t speak on using the Hedera Consensus Service for anchoring. I do believe that we have plans on improving how we anchor.

I do want to warn you that DID-NFT is experimental & would need work before it can be safely ran in production. I do not believe we have any plans on putting further work into DID-NFT.