Ceramic Core Devs: 2024-1-18

There’s a Ceramic core devs call happening today at 11am EST. You can join using this Zoom link.

We’ll follow up with notes here for those who can’t make it.

Notes from the call:


Nothing new to discuss. See previous meeting notes.

Ceramic Ecosystem

US3R Network working on ComposeDB Console
Working on node as a service. New developers better understand composites than models. In order to make it easier to share a composite we would need a way to share them as an object in the network. There is not currently a global registry for composites.
We released a proof of concept to store a composite as a data model. Requesting feedback from the community in this forum post, especially on the schema.

Orbis working on OrbisDB
They’re now working on the SDK portal. This is the way to write and read data. The goal is to be developer friendly. Sharing a demo of the SDK next week. In feb we are letting the first devs on the platform. Probably five teams at first. We are making the UI so that dev don’t need to use the CLI to do the initial setup. Hirenodes will work with this SDK to run the DB instance on the same server as the Ceramic node. Distributed as a docker img that can be co-located on the server. Waiting on 3box for the firehose API. We will be testing the new firehose shortly. Are there any blocking work prerelease.

3Box Labs working on Firehose API
Firehose is out v1 with no recon yet. Recon’s speed and metrics are improving. It is not clear which metrics to use for advertising the limits of ceramic. TPS doesn’t quite fit an async distributed system.


- Aaron D Goldman (3boxlabs)
- Michael Sena (3boxlabs)
- Liang Qiao (U3er Network)
- Yunhe Zhang (Us3r network)
- Baptiste Greve (Orbis)
- Paul le Cam (3box labs)
- Donat (Orbis)
- Sam D (3box labs)
- Spencer (3box labs)
- Cole Brown (3box labs)