Ceramic Core Devs call summary: 2024-02-01

There’s a Ceramic core devs call happening every two weeks. Below is the summary of what was discussed (and why you should care).

Ecosystem Updates - Orbis

  • The alpha version of OrbisDB is set to open to customers next week, featuring a new SDK for improved interaction, indexing, and querying capabilities, all of which will be open source.
  • A public announcement regarding OrbisDB, along with updated branding, is anticipated in late March or early April.
  • Discussion on the potential for a Dune plugin with OrbisDB
  • OrbisDB is considering achieving feature parity with ComposeDB, including data modeling capabilities such as interfaces, immutable fields, and SET account relations. The full production launch aims for this parity, though it’s not required for the alpha version.

US3R Network Enhancements

The team is focusing on improving the workflow for composites, UX reorganization for better developer accessibility, and introducing a user guide. Efforts are also underway to deploy a social network complement using Ceramic, alongside a guest mode to aid in user onboarding without immediate costs. Moreover, there’s excitement around developing a points system on Ceramic to support various application use cases.

3box Labs Updates

Key highlights include progress on the Firehose API, resumability features in ComposeDB, and advancing the Recon project towards the eventual sunset of js-ceramic. There’s also emphasis on CAS scalability and potentially unifying code bases between js-ceramic and ComposeDB.

Event and Growth Plans

Announcements included the upcoming Proof of Data Summit co-hosted with Tableland and discussions about coordinating activities for EthDenver and overall growth plans.

Technical Debates

  • The conversation touched on whether aggregation functionalities should be integrated deeper within Ceramic’s infrastructure and the placement of the state store. Consensus emphasized the importance of standardization across the ecosystem to prevent fragmentation.
  • There were also discussions on the technical challenges in building indexers and aggregators, stressing the need for clear standards and easy implementation paths for developers without requiring proprietary solutions.


This call reflected a blend of technical progress, ecosystem expansion, and strategic planning aimed at enhancing the Ceramic protocol and its associated projects.


  • Michael S (3boxlabs)
  • Joel T (3boxlabs)
  • Liang Q (Us3er Network)
  • Yunhe Z (Us3r network)
  • Baptiste G (Orbis)
  • Donat (Orbis)
  • Charles L (Orbis)
  • Paul C (3box labs)
  • Sam D (3box labs)
  • Cole B (3box labs)
  • James P (3box labs)
  • Mark K (3box labs)
  • Rohhan (3box labs)
  • Nathaniel C (3box labs)
  • Spencer (3box labs)
  • Mohsin Z (3box labs)

Thank you for sharing this! Great to see so much movement happening!