Ceramic Core Devs call summary: 2024-03-21

There’s a Ceramic core devs call happening every two weeks. Below is the summary of what was discussed on the last call.

Orbis updates from Charles

  • Want to start with Recon
  • Avoiding migration is important
  • Moving Orbis Social to use MIDs from tile docs
  • 1-1.5 million streams per day broke Ceramic (another reason to use Recon)
  • The idea was: interpreted Solana tx data offchain
    • Sign in with solana → required for WS1 event validation
  • Questions about how to best migrate old Tile doc streams to MIDs (new streams are using it)
    • Possibly plan to import them as read only
    • Aware that Recon will not support tiledocs or caip10 streams

Hirenodes updates from Nick

  • Gitcoin is running well
  • Some interest after ETHDenver (indirect marketing?)
  • Spin up demo nodes → easy

3box updates (Joel)

  • New season kicking off. Primary focus on making rust-ceramic (ceramic-one) stable
  • Verifying signatures, time events
  • Self-anchoring
    • Option to submit tx to blockchain without relying on 3BL anchoring service
    • Exploring submitting a Merkle root hash rather than all events to reduce bandwidth
  • Getting rust-ceramic production ready
    • Alpha, beta releases
    • Beta target to hit benchmarks of 300 transactions per second sync from node A to B (not network tps) for prolonged periods (i.e. 1 million writes/hour)
  • Open floor: “interest in decentralized CAS”
    • Not a lot of clear interest by builders (unclear how well known it is)
      • Too much else to worry about
    • Node runners (Nick) are more interested, particularly if CAS issues
      • People might want it but “where’s the wallet” might deter actually doing it


  • Michael Sena (3BL)
  • Justina Petraityte (3BL)
  • Joel Thorstensson (3BL)
  • Aaron Goldman (3BL)
  • David Estes (3BL)
  • Paul Le Cam (3BL)
  • Radek Sienkiewicz (3BL)
  • Golda Velez (3BL)
  • Julissa Dantes (3BL)
  • Spencer Brody (3BL)
  • Rohan Kochhar (3BL)
  • Sam Doyle (3BL)
  • Mohsin Zaidi (3BL)
  • Nick Kammerdiener (Hirenodes)
  • Donat (Orbis)
  • Charles Levecque (Orbis)

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See you at the next one!