Ceramic daemon failed to start up:

This is what is showing when I run ceramic daemon --network=testnet-clay

Ceramic daemon failed to start up:
TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘name’)

hey, I’ve had daemon issues recently too. there’s a bug we’re trying to fix where the daemon sometimes fails on a local node.

this will sound odd, but any chance you can restart your machine and see if the issue is still there?

Hey, following up here - any luck?

Yes, but I keep having issues with composedb composite:from-model x…

@0x10d5942b2CA94F50D8 can you provide some more information about the errors you are seeing?

That looks like an error from Ceramic node startup not from composedb composite:from-model?

In any case it looks like your node is having a hard time resolving the DNS to look up the address for our anchor service. Can you ensure that the node has a working internet connection?