Ceramic Ecosystem Updates | April 18, 2024

We just wrapped up our bi-weekly Ceramic Ecosystem Call. For those unable to attend, here’s the notes:


  • Important announcements
  • Ecosystem updates
  • Protocol updates
  • Upcoming events

Ecosystem Updates

  • Points SDK (3Box Labs)

    • Aggregator + Allocation primitives which use a shared hosted node (for test purposes)
    • Express server demo
    • Available as npm package; Link to GitHub repo
    • Will be integrated into ComposeDB Sandbox on docs
    • If time permits, additional fullstack example app will be included as an example as well that consumes the library
    • Initial customers want to allocate points for research contributions
    • If supports DataFeed API, OrbisDB can provide shared points instance (check with Golda)
  • Index (Index Network)

    • Released TS/JS SDK, to create index wrapping ComposeDB to expose nat lang interactions with CDB models
    • Going to release Python SDK
    • Langchain search coming soon
    • Already 2 teams using SDK today
    • Sometimes getting errors on Data Feed API, but resolve once CDB node restarts; maybe K8S doesn’t like long lived connections networking between pods? (From Hirenodes)
    • Working on more configurable embeddings and developer experience
  • Orbis

    • Working on shared instances, making it easy to onboard new devs; already 2 developers using them; BD for additional users
    • Onboard DAOSpace to DB, want to create 300K streams from scraped data from governance platforms (Optimism 20K streams, …)
    • Might be using ODB CSV Uploader plugin
    • Testing new plugin for ENS domain names - using ENS name plugin to reverse lookup address - making it easier to issue credentials to users
    • Going forward: Autmoatically create preset views that everyone can query. Specific views for specific use cases – e.g. get posts for social use cases
    • Need to migrate from old tile documents by indexing that content into new shared
  • Hirenodes

    • Continuing to run nodes; everyone on v5.5.0
    • Got serverside events running over nginx

Protocol Updates

  • Rust-Ceramic (3Box Labs)

    • Almost production ready
    • Shorter runs hit targets, longer runs hit some issues
    • Looking to sustain much higher loads for much longer periods of time; 100tps for a week is the first benchmark
    • If you have a use case or scenario that stresses Ceramic with performance or correctness - please get in touch with team
      • Orbis was trying to dump 1-2M solana txs per day into ceramic; 3Box Labs to connect with team because this use case is within bounds
  • DataFeed API (3Box labs)

    • Looking to clean APIs and library abstractions by untangling js-ceramic + composedb into rust-ceramic + some library to create documents from events that DBs/indexers can built on top of
    • First, aiming to make DF API stable and production ready, then will look to what comes next
    • 3BL Team will connect with DF API users in order to design the next version
  • CIPs

    • Multi-Prev and After for stream ordering, nothing net new, but feeling more confident they can solve problems for users in the future
    • Conflict Resolution Change: Changing the rules when updates happen so time event isn’t interfering with stream updates. No changes for devs, just less likely to get a broken/corrupt stream.

Upcoming Events

  • ETH Boston | Boston, MA

    • Next weekend 27th and 28th
    • Spencer giving Ceramic talk and will have a Ceramic booth
  • GenAI Summit | San Francisco, CA

    • Index Network is going
  • FarCon | Los Angeles, CA

    • As of now, no one is going