Ceramic profile not syncing up

Hello, what may be causing self.id to not sync up with with our app.

I am checking my self.id on caly.self.id and on our app we are fetching profiles with

const core = new Core({ ceramic: “https://ceramic-clay.3boxlabs.com/” (also tried with) "testnet-clay) }); return core.get(‘basicProfile’, did);

Both of these profiles (the one on clay.self.id and the one fetched with this code) are different. To set profile we are using something like this

const selfId = new SelfID({ client, did });
const streamId = await selfId.set(‘basicProfile’, values);

Client here is WebClient generated like this

const client = new WebClient({ ceramic: “https://ceramic-clay.3boxlabs.com/” (also tried with) "testnet-clay), connectNetwork: “testnet-clay”, });

Any help in this regard will appreciated. (edited)

Can you share the DID you are seeing this with?

I am getting this for more than one profiles.

This is one example: did:3:kjzl6cwe1jw145ynf3z7yd48no0t8dpevbeasx6lydwtqmu337oc26aol1484vf

Hi @jamesmetokens. I have reproduced the problem and can confirm that the basicProfile stream is out of sync between the two nodes. The problem is due to the recent migration of the clay testnet from anchoring on Ropsten to anchoring on Gnosis. This stream was older and was anchored on Ropsten, but nodes are no longer able to validate anchor commits from Ropsten, so when the other node tries to load the stream it fails to validate the stream log and cannot sync the old data.

I’m discussing with the team what the options are for older streams like this one that predate the network switch, but new streams should not have this problem. If you create a new 3ID off of a new wallet, you should not have this problem going forward.

Note that this problem will not affect Ceramic mainnet as there was no migration of the underlying ethereum network on Ceramic mainnet (we use ethereum mainnet there which is unaffected by the sunsetting of the Ropsten testnet).

Can you clarify one more thing please: if I update a profile from our app (check method we are using in the initial post) it will not register new changes right? Talking about testnet-clay.

I’m honestly not sure, it might. Would have to do some testing to find out. We’re planning on clearing out all data on our clay nodes soon which will give everything a clean slate without any of this weird and stale data that can no longer be verified to worry about.

Alright, just FYI it is not registering any changes on these profiles. For new ones it does register changes for new profiles but for these ones the changes are not seen on clai.self.id

Anyhow, I will just wait for this to clear out then. Is there any place I can get an update on this clearing out of data on clay nodes?

We’ll definitely post about it in the Ceramic discord when it happens