Ceramic roadmap update 28/07/2023

Hello @everyone! We are excited to share the first Ceramic product roadmap overview with you all. Going forward, we strive to be as open as possible about what kind of things we are working on at the moment, how our priorities look like and most importantly - provide you with a way to share your input and feedback on our roadmap and help us shift our priorities the right way. Going forward, we will be sharing these roadmap overviews with you all every quarter.

You can find the Ceramic roadmap here.

:white_check_mark: Recently delivered

The latest project that was delivered is Simplified Deployments milestone. With the launch of the Wheel and SimpleDeploy, it is now much easier to run Ceramic nodes locally as well as on the cloud.

:man_biking: Current priorities

At the moment, the team is focused on three key projects:

:telescope: What’s next?

In the future, we are going to put a lot of resources in the following areas:

  • DX improvements - making it easier to create relations between models as well as implementing easy-to-use sandbox to quickly test ComposeDB on Ceramic features without the need to install any of the dependencies.
  • Data modelling updates:
    • Implementing SET account relations - model data that should only be able to happen once per user for a given target document or account (e.g. follow a user, like a post, etc).
    • Implementing Unions - ability to query multiple models using a single query.
    • Implementing Interfaces - Interfaces are a way to group different data models that share some core structure. For example, you may have a “Verifiable Credential” interface with “Work Credential” and “Education Credential” models that implement that interface. Querying against the interface will let you get results from all indexed Models that implement that interface in a single query.

:mega: We need your input!

We want to get your input and feedback on our roadmap and priorities. Do you think some projects that are currently in the “Backlog” should take higher priority? Do you have any feature requests? Do you completely disagree with some of the projects we have on the roadmap? Let us know! Here’s how to provide the feedback:

  • Upvote or downvote the projects using the :+1: and :-1: emojis respectively
  • Leave comments with feature requests and more detailed feedback under the relevant project cards.

https://console.s3.xyz :raised_hands:

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@Justina Could you shed some light on the future of TileDocument and IDX? As far as I understand, important ecosystem builders like Gitcoin Passport, Disco, Orbis are primarily relying on TileDocument and IDX. So is it fair to assume they would still be supported in the long term?

Hey @0xEE3CA4dd4CeB341691. TileDocument and IDX are now part of Ceramic’s legacy tools (Legacy Tools - Ceramic Developers). It is true that we still have some projects using these tools, but we are working closely with the projects to help them transition to building their apps with ComposeDB on Ceramic. Until we are confident that all projects are running on ComposeDB we are going to keep TileDocument and IDX as legacy tools, but after that we are going to look into potentially sunsetting them. We will make sure to inform the community well in advance about any plans regarding these tools.

For existing and new developers we highly recommend building their apps using ComposeDB on Ceramic.

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we have the problem of updating data model meaning that later on we want to add items in our data model and after deploying it, data is connected to the previous data model & nothing is on our updated model. your project of Data modelling updates will solve this??

Hey @mhkarimi78 thank you for your question and sharing the pain points you are facing in your development right now. It really helps us improve.

To answer your question - Data modelling updates that we have coming up are more directed towards adding the features like SET account relations, Unions - these features will provide more options to write more advanced queries and more ways to interact with data in general. We have another project, currently in our backlog, that will address the issue you described - Updating models. This project should allow developers to update their models without losing access to the content. Feel free to upvote this project on our roadmap with a :+1: , this will help us prioritise.