`ceramicIndexer.index.queryIndex is not a function` in when using `composedb model:list --table` as well as the local graphql server

I’ve been hitting a recurring issue with using composedb model:list --table as well as in the local graphql server, where i’m getting the error ceramicIndexer.index.queryIndex is not a function . this comes after following the tutorial instructions on the Getting Started With ComposeDB on Ceramic notion page. packages are @composedb/cli@0.2.4, @ceramicnetwork/cli@2.8.0, @composedb/devtools@0.2.2 and @composedb/devtools-node@0.2.2. i was using @composedb/client@0.2.1 but upgraded to 0.2.2 today. i’ve checked the forum and saw this thread: "ceramic.index.queryIndex is not a function" error in local graphql:server, and, as it mentioned, checked the daemon.config.lock file to ensure that allow-queries-before-historical-sync was set to true just in case, as well as deleting the lock file in order to generate a new one, as referred to here: https://forum.ceramic.network/t/node-for-composedb/287/3./ i’ve also double checked the version numbers of the other ceramic packages to make sure they were compatible with what’s listed in that thread. everything else though, fetching models, deploying to the local node, indexing, creating and merging all work. i’m using osx Monterey 12.6. i’m happy to provide any additional information that would help. any assistance would be hugely appreciated

edit: fixed mislabelled package reference from @composedb/cli@0.2.1 to @composedb/client@0.2.1

According to NPM, the newest version of the @composedb/cli pacakge is 0.2.4: @composedb/cli - npm

Can you try upgrading to the newest version and see if that fixes things?

apologies, I had that labeled wrong. the packages im using are @composedb/cli@0.2.4 , @ceramicnetwork/cli@2.8.0 , @composedb/devtools@0.2.2, @composedb/devtools-node@0.2.2, and @composedb/client@0.2.2

uninstalled and started from scratch, but unfortunately it’s the same error. node, npm, and pnpm are all up to date as well

hmm… that’s odd. The error message really suggests its a mismatch between the client library versions and the graphql server. Is this still giving you issues @deptofzane

been all good since v0.3 was released. thanks for following up!