CIP-127: CapReg - object-capability registry

Discussion for CAIP-127


Would be great to add a bit more context on what is an “Event”, as it seems to be a recurring concept

Have a look in the Ceramic protocol spec:

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This is awesome! On a side note, we are more than happy to contribute the Chinese doc translate if we intend to support it.

Also the way it defines streams seems to imply that it is possible to treat stream as a “stream of individual event” of a certain topic rather than just change log of one single record?

“This event log can be used to model mutable databases and other data structures on top.”

A Chinese translation would be cool, but we don’t have anyone on the team that could maintain it as we update our docs unfortunately.

So right now most streams in ceramic represent a single json document. We’ve had some discussions that it could make sense to have one stream represent create, update, delete actions form multiple json documents.