CIP-142: LinkFeed Schema RFC (WIP)

LinkFeed is a feed abstraction standard built on top of Ceramic ComposeDB. You can use LinkFeed SDK to build anything related to feed. A older version was implemented using TileDocument here GitHub - chainfeeds/linkfeed: Feed abstraction built on top of distributed network..

Hey @baptiste . Understanding that the Orbis ComposeDB migration is on the roadmap. Anyway we could adapt CIP-142 (models for “links shared on social”) for Orbis’s data model?

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Orbis won’t be migrating to ComposeDB outright. IIRC, OrbisDB plans to reuse ComposeDB’s models and model instance documents (so data can compose across DB implementations), but plans to build their own generalized index and query devtool (similar to ComposeDB).

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I think that’s fine as long as data could interoperate.

Would you mind sharing a bit more context about what you’re trying to achieve here with LinkFeed? That would let members of the community weigh in on if/how it could fit into Orbis’ data models.

Primary use cases are social links aggregator: