Clay Testnet errors - testnet status down?

Hi folks,

I’m using ^0.3.3 on the Clay testnet with react to authenticate users, my authentication method looks like this:

		const ceramicSignIn = async () => {
			const accounts = await window.ethereum.request({
				method: 'eth_requestAccounts',
			await connect(new EthereumAuthProvider(window.ethereum, accounts[0]));

As of this morning (2/23), the first attempt at a ceramic auth results in the following error: {“error”:“Method not supported: pin requests have moved to the admin API /admin/pins”}. The cookie is not set initially after receiving this error, however, upon a page refresh and a second attempt, the sign in appears to go through and the cookie is properly set.

I was not experiencing this error as of yesterday, I’m wondering if folks know if something has changed / deprecated recently.

I was also experiencing other intermittent issues when updating a user record using the useViewerRecord hook in a react app, perhaps Clay is experiencing issues?

Thanks in advance for any support or advice y’all might have!

hey @KeatonK first sorry for the delay in response, this slipped thru the cracks!

I believe this should still be supported, if its still failing can you share the larger snippet of code where you are using ?

@KeatonK this was due to a change in how the pin API works that broke some legacy apps and frameworks like (which we are no longer supported). We did however roll out a fix to avoid breaking those apps so it should be working now - is this still a problem for you if you use the newest version of the Ceramic node and packages?