compose.setDID does not authenticate to graphql

After calling compose.setDID(did) when making requests with compose.executeQuery it returns the follow error:

The compose.did object:

After the recent update on composedb/devtools this seems to be an issue with gql auth.

@composedb/devtools”: “^0.3.0”,
@composedb/devtools-node”: “^0.3.1”,
@composedb/cli/0.3.1 darwin-arm64 node-v16.15.1 (the local bin)”

You might have to call an authenticate method, on either the DID or the compose instance?

export const generateSession = async () => {
  const compose = useStore.getState().compose
  try {
    const keys = await setScanVariables()
    const { address, slot } = keys[0]
    const resources = compose.resources
    const authMethod = await loadAuthMethod(address, slot)
    const session = await DIDSession.authorize(authMethod, { resources })
    localStorage.setItem('didsession', session.serialize())
    return session
  } catch (err) {
    return null


Before it would authenticate with DIDSession.authorize but not sure why it isn’t now. Where should I call authenticate when using DIDSession?

Tagging in @zfer to take a look at the authentication issue

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@zfer @spencer

Ok I seem to have figured out the problem. But it introduces a new problem. On a previous version of composedb I’ve used

export const compose = new ComposeClient({ ceramic: 'http://localhost:7007', definition })

But my requirement is using a staging url: In the past I had to refactor composedb/devtools-node to bypass cors. It doesn’t seem to be throwing an error this time. But compose doesn’t get initialized. Is it silently failing because of cors?

Any idea why this is happening?

loadSession had some logic incorrectly commented out.

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