ComposeDB 2.16 Indexing Problem

Hello. I am working as a web 3.0 developer at We adapt ComposeDB to our project.

We started to experience a problem with ComposeDB that we did not experience in 2.15 with version 2.16. In version 2.16, no content is sent to models. Unable to index. The content we send with GraphiQL is not indexed. At the same time, there is no models auto generate in daemon.config.json.

Can you check? As I said, there was no problem in version 2.15. Problem occurred after upgrading to 2.16.

Also, running ceramic daemon (2.16) is not reading models data from indexing.models array.

Hi @furkan,
Can you please send us a copy of your complete Ceramic node logs from startup through when your testing encounters this problem?

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Hello @spencer ,

We’ve found the problem.

In 2.15 version, we were able to see “models” array in executed config log, but not in 2.16

We were debugging some indexing issues for stream updates and we thought the problem were relevant to this. Apparently the problem is not about CLI so you can ignore this post.

Thanks for the following up.

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We do not think that this is the problem. We sent a commit, we think we solved it with this commit. You can check.

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