ComposeDB CLi errors without clear solution using the example from github

Im just trying to use ComposeDB but when i try to use the command
ceramic daemon
i face a issue like Ceramic daemon AbortController not defined or EAI_AGAIN - #4 by mohsin

and the ceramic daemon --network=testnet-clay

fix the issue and throws another different

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘models’)

the issue persist even using pnpm and pnpm dlx @ceramicnetwork/cli daemon --network testnet-clay

from the notes example

Can you please share:

  • what version of Node you are using
  • what version of NPM you are using
  • what version of @ceramicnetwork/cli are you installing?
  • what is the content of your daemon.config.json config file? This is usually found in the ~/.ceramic directory

OS: Mac Monterey
Arch: M1 arm64

  • Node 16.17.0 LTS
  • NPM 8.15.0
  • @ceramicnetwork/cli latest in NPM and PNPM
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Can you please give a specific version?

Naaa it works on Another device using intel

Node v14
Npm 6

But the instructions to enable composedb to true are not clearly enough

I think this is likely due to having an old version of your ~/.ceramic/daemon.config.json file. Nodes now expect an indexing section with a models field. Can you try deleting it so that the node will re-generate it the next time it runs?

We will also be putting out a new version next week which will make sure the node is still backwards compatible and can operate on the old versions of the config file, so you could also wait for that if that’s easier.