ComposeDB Relations


I’m currently developing a proof of concept for an application I am building, just to make sure that Ceramic / ComposeDB is suitable. I’ve been reading through the documentation for ComposeDB and understand that it’s currently in developer preview so it’s in the early development phases but would like to know more about the Relations directives.

Currently you can only define relations when using the @loadModel directive and not when using the @createModel directive. I wonder will this always be the case? I was hoping to define all new models and the relations in one schema instead of having to deploy some Models and then use the @loadModel directive to define the relations. I’m new to Ceramic and ComposeDB so any help would be appreciated!

I’ve just seen a new video from Eth Bogota which helps resolve these misunderstandings: Ceramic 🛠 Building Relational Data Composites - Matthew Davis - YouTube

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