Crew3 + Crodwin

Hi everyone,

I am Mathias, and i have the pleasure to be part of the grant program from Ceramic.

I have created the Crowdin and Crew3 for Ceramic that you can check right there :

I believe these are almost as important as the Ceramic coding, since even the best project is nothing without its community. Crew3 is for the onboarding of people (basically create traction via gamification) whereas Crowdin is to educate people all around the world about Ceramic, in every languages as it’s often a barrier for newcomers (and even some really good devs !).

Please feel free to give me your feedbacks on the form or the substance, as this is a work in progress and just the beginning.

I’m also open for resources to start translate, on the crowdin side, feel free to contact me to give me the files (.txt, .docx, .xml etc…) but get the approval of the Ceramic Team before please.



Hey Mathias, this is a cool initiative - web3 is global and we want everyone to contribute! We traditionally have done translations in Spanish, Russian, and Chinese, but are open to other languages too

I am PM at 3Box Labs working on Ceramic’s docs. We are wrapping up changes to the ComposeDB docs - that would be the best place to start. Can I ping you Monday or Tuesday next week when the changes are mostly done?


Hi Avi,

Thanks a lot for your answer, the Crew3 is already looking really promising, with some members already providing value and content for this great project that is Ceramic !

Ping me whenever you are ready so i’ll start the Crowdin translations ! Next week will be quite tensed for me as i’m working on several projects, but i’ll always make time to work on Ceramic !

Thanks again and don’t hesitate to grab some easy quest on Crew3 and join the leaderboard, there won’t be long before some skilled member take the lead :smiley:

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