Cryptographically verifiable created_at / updated_at scalars

Is it possible to utilize the DateTime data type to create cryptographically verifiable datetime fields?

Another option might be to have “updated_at” and “created_at” scalars. Created_at as the first commit’s datetime, and the updated_at as the last.

Since these fields are very common, it would be helpful to access them via GraphQL.

Ahh, duplicate.

yep, every update to streams gets periodically anchored to the Ethereum blockchain, which provides cryptographically verifiable timestamps. Those aren’t currently queryable (for filters or sorts for example) directly from GraphQL, but that’s something we could potentially add in the future if helpful. Even without that though if you do a regular composedb query, the ModelInstanceDocument objects you get back from the result of the query will have the anchor timestamp information in the returned state object.