De-obfuscated 3ID connect iframe code?

Hi everyone, could anybody tell me where / if I can find the deobfuscated code for 3id connect that runs in the actual iframe? I am trying to check the obfuscated / webpacked code from and it is giving me a headache, I have tried searching the Ceramic Network / Ceramic Studio / 3id githubs for common keywords between the obfuscated + github code but I can’t find anything that matches.

Also it would be nice to have a deobfuscated version before hosting it on IPFS as listed on the ceramic blog, I have a modicum of experience with that:
Thanks! -Norris

Hey! You can find the application we use for the iframe here. Excited to see what you build!

Thanks! That did it! If anyone’s following this I think the actual code that runs in the iframe is on github under ceramicstudio/js-3id/apps/management, If I remember right you’ll want to yarn install that and then build it with one of the npm run build options from the package.json, then you’ll have to start serving the “public” folder and you can call it up from the iframe in the website “app.html” in 3id/apps/integration. Also there was something wrong with building the dependencies via node-gyp in Windows so I had to run this on Ubuntu. But it sounds like the iframe method is getting phased out so maybe don’t waste your time too much.

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