Deprecating Ceramic Gateways

Hello everyone. We would like to inform you about an upcoming Ceramic Gateways deprecation. The deprecation is scheduled for next week. We will share another update with you once it’s completed.

What are Ceramic Gateways?

As a developer, you have two options to choose from when building on Ceramic - run your own node (our recommended option) or use one of the community nodes, currently provided by the Ceramic team. Ceramic Gateways are nodes, provided and managed by Ceramic team, that provide read-only access to the network.

Why are we deprecating Ceramic Gateways?

Ceramic Gateways were a lightweight option to get the first interactions with Ceramic network. However, since it provides read-only access to the network it offers only a fraction of the network functionality. Instead of using Gateways, we recommend developers to start building their applications by running local Read/Write nodes on the Clay testnet which allows both reading and writing data in a development environment.

What Ceramic Gateways deprecation means to you?

If you were using Ceramic Gateways for your project, we recommend changing the node endpoint to Clay testnet