Did:3 vs did:pkh

I am on the lookout for a did method for an app I am building. Have been keeping an eye on did:3 for a while.
I see that most of ceramic is now using did:phk instead.

Would it be advisable to use did:3 method?
How would the support be for did:3 moving ahead?

We’re currently recommending using DID PKH with something like DID-Session to allow the user’s session to persist & CACAO for more granular control on user permissions. I hope this is helpful!

Thanks for the reply.

I wanted to utilize the did doc edit functionality that did:3 provides to help user rotate their keys. did:pkh doesn’t seem to support that.

I did checkout did-session + cacao and it makes sense for access control on data. But probably not the best fit for key rotation, unless I am missing something

I’m going to go ahead & tag in @paul & @zfer to help answer the more detailed side of your question.