Dynamic NFTs on Tezos

Hi, I’m working on Tezos blockchain and want to make a dynamic NFT. I found this project - Dynamically updating NFTs that plant trees in the real world & earn a yield in stable coin - DApps - Tezos Agora Forum is on Tezos and is using Ceramic data streams to update the NFT. I couldn’t find any tutorials on the internet regarding that, could you please point me to these tutorials/docs (are there any at all)?

Hey! We don’t currently have any tutorials about using Ceramic with dynamic NFTs but I think that most of our users that have built similar projects have simply pointed the NFTs URL to a ceramic stream. I’d recommend reading our Streams - Ceramic Developers page to provide some more details!


Angry Teenagers is my project, and yes - we are using Ceramic streams. Practically, this means we have a piece of metadata in the token that points to a unique stream per NFT. The current image is the ‘head’ commit of the stream. Happy to provide more info if you are interested.

Hi, I would also be interested in knowing more about how to set up a dynamic NFT. If I understand correctly only real users themselves can append new stream messages to the ceramic stream with 3ID.

Would it also be possible to let a smart contract append a stream message to a stream? Instead of a user? By letting smart contracts append stream message you could objectively let an NFT evolve over time.

Edit: found my answer on discord. Its not possible as contracts cannot do http requests.