Environment Setup Doc Suggestion + .env file question


Should we basically alway run with CERAMIC_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_COMPOSE_DB=‘true’ (for those following along the docs with copy/paste) at Set up your environment | ComposeDB on Ceramic

This command seems to be missing this, as I followed step-by-step, and then got an indexing error:

Also - will we eventually be able to use a .env file for the private key? I have to delete this manually for screen shots since its on the command line, the .env instructions were included last set of docs but didn’t seem to work for me, only works with PK given as part of the command.

FYI, it didn’t hold me up, the error was good and I just went back to use the original command:

CERAMIC_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_COMPOSE_DB=‘true’ pnpm dlx @ceramicnetwork/cli daemon

I guess I didn’t quite understand the reason for 2 different in commands, maybe make that consistent as well to avoid any confusion (I assume they are doing the same thing, starting up the node)

Also, I think I recall we are supposed to kill/stop the original running node, make that config change and then run again? I did that intuitively, but maybe again could be explicitly outlined in the doc. I vaguely recall that being in the last version of the docs, but am not 100% sure.

FYI @avi for docs suggestions

@paul for question about using a .env file

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Sorry I don’t understand your question about .env files?
The ComposeDB CLI supports reading environment variables from your shell, it doesn’t read any specific file for this.

Ok. In the last set of docs it had instructions to use a .env for the DID private key, I see the new docs do not have this.

Was just curious if that was in the works, so we could set the experimental=true and the DID private key, to clean up the command line a bit. Not anything urgent.