Error creating clay streamId

I have created stream in clay, but I cant track his state via API -

In local
ubuntu@ns31440463:~$ glaze stream:state kjzl6cwe1jw1499697p48946o810rb09ls3xwh73tpf88kn1d4qt1m68n1fgoe2
:heavy_check_mark: Successfully queried stream kjzl6cwe1jw1499697p48946o810rb09ls3xwh73tpf88kn1d4qt1m68n1fgoe2
type: 0,
content: { Foo: ‘Bar’ },
metadata: {
unique: ‘Ile9TqTJsfnry3gj’,
controllers: [ ‘did🔑z6MknarAa1wf3G3bH3xmGCcgJxgJSwrRgdFtdgm7D1aEEG7a’ ]
signature: 2,
anchorStatus: 1,
log: [
cid: CID(bagcqcerat6znuw7g34tboakkfkqa5xsnmmkyo2kq6clocppcb7fzpcjrmj5a),
type: 0

So I read the answer, that I need to use the public clay node:

But do I need to change something in the configuration of the ceramic node (it is launched via docker)? Because with the entry through the Node.js library errors also occur

If you’re taking about the configuration of your local Ceramic node trying to connect to the Clay network, you shouldn’t need to change anything. The daemon will not attempt to connect to the gateway, which is having some issues at the moment.

Please also note that the gateway will soon be decommissioned.