Error in Ceramic Auth {"error":"Method not supported: pin requests have moved to the admin API /admin/pins"}

Hi folks,

I’m using ^0.3.3 on the Clay testnet with react to authenticate users, my authentication method looks like this:

		const ceramicSignIn = async () => {
			const accounts = await window.ethereum.request({
				method: 'eth_requestAccounts',
			await connect(new EthereumAuthProvider(window.ethereum, accounts[0]));

As of this morning (2/23), the first attempt at a ceramic auth results in the following error: {“error”:“Method not supported: pin requests have moved to the admin API /admin/pins”}. The cookie is not set initially after receiving this error, however, upon a page refresh and a second attempt, the sign in appears to go through and the cookie is properly set.

I was not experiencing this error as of yesterday, I’m wondering if folks know if something has changed / deprecated recently.

I was also experiencing other intermittent issues when updating a user record using the useViewerRecord hook in a react app, perhaps Clay is experiencing issues?

Thanks in advance for any support or advice y’all might have!

We did just recently change the way the pins API works to put access control around it and move it behind the admin API. It seems like perhaps the framework is depending on the old behavior of the pin API.

@paul does use the pin API explicitly?

@KeatonK can you confirm that the ceramicSignIn function you shared is the only code touching the Ceramic/ APIs that is running when you see this error? Looking a bit deeper at the code, I’m not seeing how that code segment could possibly trigger the error you are seeing.

Self.ID doesn’t use these APIs but I think 3ID Connect does, so we’ll need to update the logic there.