Errors starting cli daemon v2.11.0 on MacOS

New install on MacOS following this doc page, after running ‘npx @ceramicnetwork/cli daemon’ See the following log:

[2022-11-08T03:20:30.729Z] ERROR: Error while processing Update message from pubsub: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘get’)
[2022-11-08T03:20:30.730Z] ERROR: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘get’)

[2022-11-08T04:57:22.294Z] WARNING: No pinned streams detected. This is expected if this is the first time this node has been run, but may indicate a problem with the node’s persistence setup if it should have pinned streams
[2022-11-08T04:57:22.512Z] IMPORTANT: Ceramic API running on’

i see this output when I attempt to local a model with ’ composedb composite:from-model kjzl6hvfrbw6c7keo17n66rxyo21nqqaa9lh491jz16od43nokz7ksfcvzi6bwc --output=my-first-composite.json’
:heavy_multiplication_x: request to http://localhost:7007/api/v0/streams/kjzl6hvfrbw6c7keo17n66rxyo21nqqaa9lh491jz16od43nokz7ksfcvzi6bwc?sync=0 failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED ::1:7007