Errors upgrading to latest version

Hi, after upgrading to latest version ( * @ceramicnetwork/cli@2.41.0) getting a number of new errors at startup as per screenshot.

@spencer Have you noticed any issues like this since the latest release has been made?

I have not. @ukstv can you take a look at this?

Most probably the anchored streams are ages old, and there is no witness car for them. Hence the error message. There is a fix for that: chore: Make WitnessCAR optional again by ukstv · Pull Request #3002 · ceramicnetwork/js-ceramic · GitHub

Okay, this should be fixed in the most recent release candidate: Discord

Thanks for letting us know @Aaron!

Suspect this might also be related to the old anchored streams I have - but latest upgrade (@ceramicnetwork/cli v5.3.0) is incurring following errors. Node seems to be running fine, but these show up at startup:

@Aaron how big is your Ceramic state store? Would it be possible to zip it up and share it with us to inspect?