Failed to install app template dependencies

Installing dependencies for @ceramicnetwork/cliError: Failed to install app template dependencies
when i used the wheel to run ComposeDB server , and i was waiting since it told me “Installing dependencies for @ceramicnetwork/cli” , a few times went, there was an error and quit.
No log available and no other information that I could get.

Hey @longtsiu. Could you share a full error output here?

In general, that’s incredibly weird. Have just installed @ceramicnetwork/cli afresh, and it worked good. If I am not mistaken, NPM writes logs, even if they are not always visible to a user. Could you please leverage Generating and locating npm-debug.log files | npm Docs to get a log file? Fixing an issue while being blind to what actually happened could be a looong process.

Another follow-up question to @longtsiu - are you following the default setup prompt or are you specifying custom versions of the packages?
Yesterday, during the product testing session we could replicate the issue, but it was caused by trying to install a version of composedb that doesn’t exist (it was a typo in specifying the custom composedb version on our end).

I am so sorry so long to reply to you.
It happened when I use wheel, it is like this below:
and all next, especially “Include Caramic?” and “Include ComposeDB?” is yes.
and then after quite a long time , it showed “Installing dependencies for @ceramicnetwork/cliError: Failed to install app template dependencies” and quit.

No worries @longtsiu. I will see if I can replicate this for a default setup.

i am facing the same issue . i am unable to install ceramicnetwork/cli using wheel and node package manger as well .node version is v16.16.0 and npm v8