Feature request: createdAt and updatedAt fields on model

When using composeDB it would be amazing to have these fields automatically generated and exposed to the schema.

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models are immutable so there’d be no need for an updatedAt. As for createdAt, once the Model gets anchored it will have an anchor timestamp which while not price to the minute/second level should still give a pretty good idea when the Model was published, within a few hours.

My post was more about items in the model, when querying the GraphQL API, being able to retrieve the createdAt and updatedAt fields as well as sorting by them for example.

Ah, well we do track those values in the indexing database, but that will just be the timestamps when the local node learned about the stream/update, not necessarily when the create/update actually originally happened. The best way to tell when a stream was created or updated is to check the stream log for anchor commits and see when the anchors happened. It’s not perfectly precise, but will give you a general sense for when the various commits in the stream were created.