Filecoin Virtual Machine

Hi - I am aware that Ceramic has some integrations with IPFS, however solves a slightly different problem than IPFS+Filecoin would. Specifically, I would say Ceramic operates at a slightly higher level of the stack, providing more services for computation on top of data (whereas Filecoin just incentives the storage of data).

However, I am curious to hear the team’s views on the upcoming FVM launch, and if/how the team is thinking about new use cases it enables and where they are complementary and/or competitive to Ceramic.


definitely think of them as more complementary than competitive. Ceramic is decentralized event streaming system that you can use to build computation and database-like functionality on top. Whereas ipfs and filecoin deal with immutable file storage. Ceramic already builds very heavily on top of IPFS. In the future I could certainly imagine Ceramic, or services built on top of Ceramic, leveraging something like the FVM for more flexible types of computation driven by Ceramic event streams. What form those types of integrations would look like exactly are still highly theoretical at this point though.