General questions about ceramic CLI

I am trying to learn about the protocol, I am just getting started following this post

As part of this learning process, I am missing some concepts regarding the Ceramic CLI. For example:

Ceramic Commits
I can create a stream and update it, I can query its data and state, I can also query its commits. However, how can I query s StreamID for a specific commit?
For example, I can see the commits list:

$ ceramic commits kjzl6cwe1jw148iyytn2j0av6uk1n9171i3e7aithoyi1m7c676f4zghglzz3vo

I can use ceramic state to get the stream using the first commit in the above list, but I fails if I try using any other commit.
Is there a way to see the different states a StreamID has gone through

Once a stream has been anchored I can see the AnchorProof properly, it has the EIP155 chain id (Gnosis in this case) and a trxhash. However, how can I find that txhash in gnosis scan?

  "anchorProof": {
    "root": "bafyreicteyhmuo2lsrqohldxjlyfrd5wjbjgbfhshrnjjtalaotvuuzrxi",
    "txHash": "bagjqcgzarc5yy6cy3s2a6tbhpj6n2kpry7ju6aqoczpreikcm4p3vaqfrjoq",
    "chainId": "eip155:100",
    "blockNumber": 24306881,
    "blockTimestamp": 1663936125

That txhash does not seem to conform to something Gnosis Scan understands

Is there docs on what’s possible with schemas? I’ve learned how to set up some required fields on a tile, can we set more complex rules such as regex?

I couldn’t find more in-depth docs about this. Is there something I can refer too?
Something different than the getting started and tutorial already in the docs (which are amazing BTW).


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Thanks for your post, @facutherock.eth!

What you’re looking at is a pretty old blog post :sweat_smile:

Mind going through our ComposeDB announcement and documentation here?

Your feedback is most welcome!