Glaze cli output to stderr

why is glaze cli outputting only to stderr?

mbp16~/localdev(:|✔) % glaze --version
@glazed/cli/0.2.2 darwin-x64 node-v16.15.1
mbp16~/localdev(:|✔) % glaze model:create my-model 1> /dev/null // should be stdout but is stderr
:heavy_check_mark: Model my-model successfully created
mbp16~/localdev(:|✔) % glaze model:create my-model 1> /dev/null // should be stderr and is stderr
:heavy_multiplication_x: A model named my-model already exists
mbp16~/localdev(:|✔) %


FYI @paul, can you take a look?

also note that glaze tile:create splits the json response into both stderr and stdout. e.g.:
glaze tile:create --content “{"key":"value"}” -k f5f534efbbbd26d3640ecee9e8ddc31ecf5652985528b48d167c1f0c94ce9b68 2>/dev/null
streamID: ‘kjzl6cwe1jw14a7swwn20g9t0d4lhtmwqnl18ypq7n1h6pjgsszxy8mrrlvcg6u’,
content: { key: ‘value’ }
glaze tile:create --content “{"key":"value"}” -k f5f534efbbbd26d3640ecee9e8ddc31ecf5652985528b48d167c1f0c94ce9b68 1>/dev/null
:information_source: Using DID did:key:z6MkpYaDsMkMr33iLcXBrwzKNUGbmAJWG6ZSwh2BthTP5rJx
:heavy_check_mark: Created stream kjzl6cwe1jw147sgv2xwteivjknu2llz9res2fo13iuot38b201qwmsek6ys9i5.

overall, there seem to be some unexpected variance in what gets written where.

Yes different logs use different output streams, it’s not something we have any plan to work on though as your current focus is not on Glaze tools.