GraphiQL Problem

I started working on composedb with the “Getting started with ComposeDB” video, but I have a problem. Although I proceed in the same way as the video, I get an error in the “composedb graphql:server --graphiql definitions/definition.json” part.

composedb graphql:server --graphiql definitions/definition.json :heavy_multiplication_x: Cannot use GraphQLScalarType “String” from another module or realm. Ensure that there is only one instance of “graphql” in the node_modules directory. If different versions of “graphql” are the dependencies of other relied on modules, use “resolutions” to ensure only one version is installed. Selective dependency resolutions | Yarn Duplicate “graphql” modules cannot be used at the same time since different versions may have different capabilities and behavior. The data from one version used in the function from another could produce confusing and spurious results.

I updated it to the latest version as the version of everything.

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