Having trouble with new 'create-ceramic-app'

Trying out npx @ceramicstudio/create-ceramic-app clone and received this error:

npm ERR! code E404
npm ERR! 404 Not Found - GET https://registry.npmjs.org/@ceramicstudio%2fcreate-ceramic-app - Not found
npm ERR! 404
npm ERR! 404 '@ceramicstudio/create-ceramic-app@latest' is not in this registry.
npm ERR! 404
npm ERR! 404 Note that you can also install from a
npm ERR! 404 tarball, folder, http url, or git url.
npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR! /home/bel/.npm/_logs/2022-12-07T00_27_14_503Z-debug-0.log

Wondering if this was announced a little preemptively

What version of npx / node are you using? I’m on 8.19.2 / 16.18.1 & npx @ceramicnetwork/create-ceramic-app clone works for me.

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Yea was using @ceramicstudio instead of @ceramicnetwork, thanks for the help!