Help Wanted: Dev for Ceramic Forum UX improvements

We’re looking for someone to help improve the UX of this Ceramic forum and make it prettier with something like this theme. If you’re interested and able, reply below!


This looks cool and it will help to modernize the theme. Would be happy to help :v:t3:.

We also need to decide on the type of sorting (currently it is latest only) we could add options like:

  1. Most-viewed
  2. Most-liked
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Amazing @0x74c7b157af4E5418F0, thanks for volunteering! As you say, this will make a huge difference for the UX.

Those additional sort options make sense to me. :rocket:

What are next steps? Happy to hop on a call or connect you with @Justina who also helps run the forum.

What we can also do is change the loader as well to make look it more incline to the new theme as well

Also my email address: Mail

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Potential idea: build the Ceramic forum on Ceramic :eyes: We started an open-source template (link to try it) for builders to take it to the next level. We might not be at the same level of detail as Discourse but it could be great to see if it makes sense in the mid term. @0x74c7b157af4E5418F0 potentially something you could take a look at :slight_smile:


Obviously I love the idea of building the Ceramic forum on Ceramic (what a use case!), but also have to admit that Discourse is pretty feature complete with things to help build an engaged audience (e.g. email summaries, etc). @Charleslev in your opinion, what would we be missing out on by using your template? I guess one other thing might be search indexing via Google?

I fully agree! Short-term Discourse makes a lot of sense. From the existing template that we shared a few months ago, major core features are already there (post/reply/identity system with reputation/simple email notification for replies) but it might need a bit of front-end customization for better classification (tags, different algorithms to classify content etc…) + looks like “Discourse”. We might need more tracking/notification personalization as you mentioned for daily/weekly recap. To be honest, it doesn’t need a ton of work to make something similar - we just need a motivated front-end dev :fire:


@Charleslev thanks for sharing, seems pretty close to what we’d need! Based on this, I’d prefer if we work on something built on your Ceramic template behind the scenes, test it, and roll it out in the mid-term. We can align it with the upcoming revamp of Orbis.

In the short term though, like on the order of days/weeks, we can still make this forum experience look/feel better!

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That’s a plan! Looking forward to seeing some UX improvement on the existing Ceramic forum!


@Charleslev I just checked the forum I have few things to say:

  1. It is a much cleaner design
  2. Also love the idea to add the cerscan link

These pointers would help in overall development of the ceramic forum!