HistorySync Resource Thread

Could I get some pointers to doc, cip, source code on everything about historySync please?

Really appreciate it ser @spencer @jthor

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Hi, i just wanted to try out this new feature.
I upgraded my containers to:
added postgres + pgadmin containers
inserted “enable-historical-sync”: true, in daemon.config.json

logs at startup however keep interpreting my config as having “enable-historical-sync”: false\n’
db table ceramic_config reads run-historical-sync-worker - false

Does historical sync perhaps only work on mainnet? Anything else i am missing?

Thanks, Joera

I don’t know how much documentation we have on history sync at the moment. @avi might be able to point you to whatever we have. If you want to check out the source code though, the SyncApi is probably a good place to start: js-ceramic/sync-api.ts at c346c6cbc34c41207fb27e12cef2e3e6fc1cbd10 · ceramicnetwork/js-ceramic · GitHub

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@Joera historical sync should work on the clay testnet, not just mainnet. Can you please open a new forum post describing the problem, any errors you are seeing in the logs, and including the contents of your daemon.config.json please?

there’s a little snippet here about how to edit the config to enable history sync Server Configurations | ComposeDB on Ceramic