How can I remove a definition of data model?

I found I can’t update the schema of a definition, so i try to delete it and recreate a definition, but there seems no way to remove a definition, how can i remove it, or how do i update the definition?

Definitions are simply TileDocuments, you can update them as needed using the TileDocument APIs, granted you are the controller of the definition.

hello paul, i have checked that i can update the Definitions using TileDocument APIs, but it seems i have asked a wrong question.
When i check the data model using glaze model:inspect, it will be like this:
glaze model:inspect chainfeed
:heavy_check_mark: Loaded model chainfeed
├─ schemas
│ ├─ kjzl6cwe1jw147mbn3j4s6j3rral3p5hn1pjtswp3exlqa19m1siih3uzh29y0g
│ │ ├─ alias: chainfdFeed
│ │ ├─ version: k3y52l7qbv1frxy6qs9420efute3a2av1fw5ozxkiga6yivd0csqrndngc9c6pv5s
│ │ └─ dependencies
when i did something wrong and i want to update the schema, but the version is the old, it’s unchangable. Actually the Definition use the version of the schema instead of the stream id, so i think the version should be the latest version of the schema.

By the way , if there is any way to delete the Definition?

You’ll need to create a new local datamodel if you want to make any change other than adding a stream, there are no commands to perform other types of changes.

Depending on what you mean by deleting a definition, if it’s the Ceramic stream then it can’t be explicitly deleted, though it can get garbage collected if not pinned by Ceramic nodes.

Thanks a lot, i am truely think we can’t explicitly delete a stream, but when we use the glaze model:inspect to inspect a data model, we can find that the definitions of data model can not be changed. I know that the definition itself can’t be deleted, but can we break the relationship between the definition and the data model?
I don’t know if the data model is also a stream or not , but in my opinion, even it’s a stream, it can be updated.
Thanks again for your answer.

A datamodel is simply a container for streams, organized between schemas, definitions and other tile streams.
Datamodels themselves are not streams, simply an abstraction used by Glaze tools and clients to represent a set of streams used by apps.
You can add the definitions you want to your datamodels, and you can create new datamodels as needed by your app, it’s really up to how you want to organize these.

Thanks a lot, that’s very clear since you explained all of this.
Now the only thing i want to know is that how can i explore or delete the data model saved in my local ceramic node.